• Resort to Romance

    Escape the winter blahs with ten fun and flirty romances all set during one falling-in-love week in the Bahamas!

    The novellas release one week at a time beginning February 19th. Pre-order links coming soon.

  • Goodreads Reading Challenge

    I participated in the Goodreads Reading Challenge for the first time in 2015 with a goal of 50 books. I read 54.

    My goal for 2016 was 60 books. I did it!

    I upped the goal to 65 books for 2017 and read 70. So I set my goal at 70 books for 2018 and read 71.

    This year, I’m cutting back to 35 books because a few of those novels will be selected from the 100 Essential Novels poster my sister gave me for my birthday last year. Many are considered classics and may take longer to read.

    I’m also cutting back on my reading goals because I’ll be writing more than usual this year. (One novella and three novels plus starting a fourth!)

    The first two books on the 100 Essential Novels list are Don Quixote and Robinson Crusoe. I’ve read both those books before and have no plans to read either one ever again.

    The third book is Pride and Prejudice. I’ve read it several times but it’s a favorite. So it’s the first book I’ll be reading this year.

    What about you? Will you join the Goodreads Reading Challenge? What books do you plan to read this year?

  • Classic of the Day ~ Christmas Song

    Classic Christmas Song ~ Jingle Bells

    This was another tough one because there are so many classic Christmas songs. I thought about “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Silver Bells,” and several others.

    But I read something interesting about “Jingle Bells” the other day that I want to share with you.

    When the song was written, in 1857 by James Lord Pierpont, the word “jingle” had a different meaning than it does for us today. We think of it as a way to describe those tiny little bells shown in the photo.

    But for sleigh-riders, “jingle” was an action–one that could prevent an unpleasant accident. These bells were attached to a horse’s harness to alert others of the sleigh’s presence.

    While sitting high in your own one-horse open sleigh, you might realize your neighbor’s one-horse open sleigh is just around the bend in the road. But the jingle bells let you know that sleigh was coming your way.

    Isn’t it cool how sweet and joyful that warning must have sounded on a brr-cold wintry day?

    Perhaps we could replace our blaring car horns with jingle bells. Or “Jingle Bells”!

    Twenty-Five Days of #BlogMas

    My chosen theme for this series of blog posts is Classic of the Day. I hope you’ll join me in these days leading up to one of our most cherished–and classic–holidays.