A Collection of Friends by Jennifer A. Davids

Jen Cvelbar_-25There is no such thing as too many books.

There is such a thing as not enough shelf space.

Well said.

Yes, I am a lover and collector of books.

It started innocently enough. My elementary teacher told my mom I needed to read more so off we went to the local library. And there in that wonderful place with the creaky wooden floors and tightly packed shelves, I discovered a book. And not just any book, the book, the one each bibliophile recalls with perfect clarity as the one that made them fall in love with reading. For me it was Eddie and Gardenia by Carolyn Haywood. I read it from cover to cover and I don’t know how many times again afterward. I was hooked and, as it turned out, books became more than just a way to spend a rainy afternoon.

They became life preservers.

Just a few short years later, my parents divorced. At the tender age of ten, my world turned upside down. We moved and I started a new school. Being introverted and a bit socially awkward I desperately needed a safe place to go to escape.


While some of the tomes I chose to hide myself away in weren’t always the best choices, they did help me survive a very dark period of my life. When I walk into a bookstore or a library I don’t see bound bits of paper and ink sitting on the shelves.

I see friends.

And I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Do you remember your first book? What was it?

Buckeye Dreams

Buckeye Dreams CoverVisit Ohio in the latter half of the 1800s, when rebuilding the country also involves rebuilding lives stripped of hope. Katherine has lost her home, Adele has lost her husband, and Anne has lost her dreams. Can each have their joy restored in romances with men who are also deeply wounded by their own pasts? Find out in this inspiring three-book collection by author Jennifer A. Davids.

About Jennifer

Jennifer has been writing down stories since she got an A++ on her ninth grade creative writing assignment. A member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and a graduate of The Ohio State University, she makes room to write in between being a busy wife and mom and despite the fact her cat likes to lay in front of her keyboard.

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2 thoughts on “A Collection of Friends by Jennifer A. Davids

  1. The cover to Buckeye Dreams is so lovely, I immediately purchased the book. Of course, I also grew up in Ohio, and my next three novels are set in Ohio. I’m looking forward to visiting there in Jennifer’s novel.
    Thanks for sharing your love of books with us, Jennifer, and for being today’s guest!