A Couple of My Favorite Blogs

My favorite blogs belong to two of my favorite people: Bethany and Jillian.

bethany and jill

Bethany and Jillian

I’ve had the privilege of knowing both of these talented women since before they were born.

I celebrate their joys, talk them through their heartaches, and share their ordinary moments as often as I can.

We go on road trips together, laugh together, cry together, and . . . eat together. Sometimes too much.

Bethany writes on girly topics, godly perspectives. The mom of three sons, she’s an author, speaker, cheerleading coach, and listening ear-broad shoulder to almost every teen girl she meets.

Jillian shares faith and family topics at Buckeye Simplicity. She loves homeschooling and making memories with her two daughters, is pursuing a degree in life coaching, and makes me laugh harder than anyone else I know.

nate graduation

Nate graduates!

Though he doesn’t have a blog, I would be no kind of mom if I didn’t also give a shout out to my favorite (and only) son Nate. A recent graduate of Oklahoma Christian University, he’s getting ready to minister to the youth at a church in Fort Myers, Florida. Those kids will be so blessed!

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