Anne of Green Gables Museum

Exploring Prince Edward Island: #Write31Days

Today’s Post: We’re at the Campbell Farm, and we’re giving away a copy of The Courageous Brides Collection on Goodreads.

Lucy Maud Montgomery loved “this old spot better than any place on earth.” So it’s fitting that the Anne of Green Gables Museum is located here.



Since I spent too much time in the gift shop, we didn’t go into the museum. (We wanted to be sure we had lots of time at Green Gables.)



While I browsed, my sister relaxed on the glider and enjoyed the peacefulness of the countryside. But not until after she got acquainted with the resident cat.


As I was in the gift shop, I ran into a very important person–Anne herself!

Isn’t she adorable?

I’m holding a copy of Anne of Green Gables stamped with an official “Anne of Green Gables” stamp and autographed by Pam Campbell who is Lucy Maud Montgomery’s double cousin. (How fun!)


We waved goodbye to Anne and the Campbell farm then consulted the map. Before long, we were at Green Gables.


Take a good look at the map. See the town of O’Leary on the west side of the island? The cottage where we stayed is located close to the yellow flowers bordering the map. It may look like O’Leary is far from the shore, but it’s not. If you’re ever there, stop in at Vinny’s for pizza and fries with the works.

Join me tomorrow for more photos!

Courageous BridesYour Turn

If you’d been with us, would you have spent your limited time in the gift shop (like me), enjoying the countryside (like my sister), or in the museum?

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