Blog Spotlight: Souls Under Construction

Shirlee Abbott is an internet friend. I’m not sure exactly where we “met,” but I love her home improvement stories. She shared one last month on this blog: Nightmare No More

Today I’m pleased to shine the Blog Spotlight on Shirlee’s blog Souls Under Construction.

cropped-blog-header1I blog M-F. I try to keep it short (less than 100 words), sharing spiritual insights with those who lack either the time or the ability to read more One of our sons reads with difficulty, and I am sympathetic to those who find reading hard work instead of pleasure.

Stories about our home makeover can be found here:

I write and teach Christian life studies for women. Those lessons are posted under Foundation Studies:

The goal of my website is to connect elements of architecture to spiritual growth. Let God restore your soul!

Meetlee 1I blog: partly for the discipline of daily writing something of value, mostly to share insights God reveals to me as I study the Bible and pray.

When I’m not blogging: I’m working in healthcare quality and patient safety. I’m a wife (of a pastor), mother of four grown sons, grandma, Bible teacher and D-I-Y home renovator.

I have a passion for: prayer.

I want to be remembered for: helping others build their own intimate relationships with God.

Meet Shirlee!

Shirlee Abbott is a wife (of a pastor), mother and grandmother. Her day job is in hospital quality and safety. Shirlee’s ministry revolves around prayer, teaching and writing. She and her husband have owned a series of fixer-uppers. Their latest project is a post-and-beam barn from the 1800’s turned into a house in the 1970’s, when every hand-hewn beam was covered with drywall. Their first tool of choice was a crowbar.


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2 thoughts on “Blog Spotlight: Souls Under Construction

  1. Johnnie, thanks for introducing us to Shirlee. I had not heard of her, but I did love the idea of this post. And, Shirlee, I love that you blog for your own personal growth.