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Exploring Prince Edward Island: #Write31Days

Today’s Post: Exploring the PEI Bottle House Museum and Giveaway Links for When Love Arrives

I had no idea what to expect when my sister said, “Let’s go see the Bottle House.”

It’s not a historic or literary attraction–I’ll be sharing Anne of Green Gables photos later in the month!–but it is a monument to one man’s labor of love. Here’s the story:


This is Mr. Arsenault’s first project, a six-gabled house.


Here’s a peek inside. This niche houses Mr. Arsenault’s organ . . . and his photo!


Join me on Monday for photos of the Bottle Chapel and the Bottle Tavern. (Even though it’s a #Write31Day Challenge, no posts will appear on the weekends.)

Your Turn

You’ve been given 12,000 bottles. What will you build?

relz-reviews-revell-giveaway-bundle-rr10backgroundCelebrating with a Giveaway

Ending soon! A ten-book Revell bundle! Check out Relz Reviewz 10-year celebration interview with author Tamera Leigh and enter!

That’s not the only giveaway at Relz Reviewz. You can also win a print copy of When Love Arrives. This giveaway ends next week. See the site for details.

Then hop over to All Betts Are Off for my post, “When the Bad Boy Becomes the Good Guy,” and enter the giveaway.

One more! Visit Genesis 5020 for Melissa Finnegan’s review. This giveaway ends October 10th.

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