Bottle Museum Chapel & Tavern

Exploring Prince Edward Island: #Write31Days

Today’s Post: Exploring the PEI Bottle House Museum and Giveaway Links for When Love Arrives

Bottle Chapel

My sister stands in the archway along the pathway to the Bottle Chapel.

My sister stands in the archway along the pathway to the Bottle Chapel.

The hospitable woman at the Bottle Museum gift shop sold us our tickets then directed us to exit through the shop’s rear doors and follow the path through the archway.

The first bottle building we came to is the last one Edouard Arsenault constructed–a small chapel complete with pews and an altar.

Mr. Arsenault used approximately 10,000 bottles to create his masterpiece in 1983. He wanted to make the steeples higher, but he suddenly died at the age of 70.

The interior of the chapel is small and intimate, a place of peaceful tranquility. But I wouldn’t want to sit in the pews for very long!


Bottle Tavern

After leaving the chapel, we followed the pathway to the six-gabled Bottle House (featured in last Friday’s PEI post). Except we didn’t follow the pathway–the landscaping is so lovely, we wandered around the grounds before visiting the last structure.


Mr. Arsenault used approximately 8,000 bottles to build the hexagonal tavern in 1982. At one time, his wife’s souvenirs and handcrafted items were sold here but now it displays the bottles with “special features” that saved instead of using them for his projects.

I saw an old Aunt Jemima syrup bottle in one of the windows. The photo didn’t turn out very well though. Enjoy these two instead, and be sure to come back again to for photos of the museum’s gardens.


Your Turn

291967_whenlovearrivesalexander_freshfic_120x240wbA six-gable house, a chapel, and a tavern. Which one is your favorite?

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