Bottle Museum Gardens

Exploring Prince Edward Island: #Write31Days

Today’s Post: Exploring the PEI Bottle House Museum Grounds and #Write31Days Challenge Linkup with 31 Days of Travel

Edouard Arsenault built a six-gable house, a chapel, and a tavern out of approximately 30,000 bottles. But not the replica of the Cape Egmont lighthouse which is also part of the museum grounds.

During the ice-free months, Mr. Arsenault, his wife Rosina, and their two daughters lived in the original lighthouse, built in 1884 and located about two kilometers from the museum. He and his family were the last residents of the lighthouse. A keeper wasn’t needed to keep the generator going after electricity was

Even though it’s September, a lovely array of flowers are in bloom and the grounds are beautiful.

Tomorrow we’ll search for sea glass along the beach near our cottage.


Write 31 Days Challenge Linkup

write31days-world-travelAngela, a Virginia mom who blogs at This Mom Needs Chocolate, is posting 31 Days of Travel.

She writes, “Each day, I plan to briefly share the story of a place I have visited.”

Angela’s travels begin in Lisieux, France so hop on over. No passport needed!

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