Serious Writer Academy iPad (and more) Giveaway

Grand Opening Celebration!

Serious Writer Academy offers online writing courses from experienced professionals in the publishing industry. The grand opening celebration includes amazing prizes from the instructors and, drum roll, please . . .

An iPad!

As one of the instructors for this exciting new venture, I’m thrilled to be giving away one copy each of my novels:

Where Treasure Hides and Where She Belongs.

Prizes include:

  • iPad, 32gb
  • One critique of a Chicken Soup for the Soul submission by Tracy Crump ($50 value, not a guarantee of publication)
  • One copy of The Revisionary (The Rogues Book 1) by Kristen Hogrefe
  • A set of Lori Roeleveld’s books (3) and a one-on-one 20-minute phone call to discuss the winner’s blog with Lori Roeleveld
  • One 30-minute Instagram strategy session with Jillian Lancour
  • One copy of Just Breathe, 365-day devotional journey by Vicki Duerstock
  • One copy each of Just Breathe, and When Chocolate Isn’t Enough: A Survival Guide for Moms” devotional by Michelle Medlock Adams

The giveaway ends at midnight October 3, so be sure to enter now so you can be one of our winners! No purchase necessary, click here to enter!

If you’ve got a dollar, then you’ve got more than enough to buy TREASURE!

The ebook edition of Where Treasure Hides, a CBA bestseller, is only 99 cents this month.

That means you’ll have a penny left over–what will you do with such riches?!

Tyndale House


Barnes & Noble


Announcing Misty Willow Hero/Heroine Giveaway Winners

Happy Fourth of July

Congratulations to Sandra Allen Lovelace and Robin Weiss!

Sandra’s heroine is Dani.

Robin’s hero is AJ.

Both winners may select their choice of one of the three Misty Willow novels.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway by sharing your results to the Misty Willow quizzes here on my blog and on my Facebook Author Page. It was so fun to see who everybody got.

Seems like most of us identify with Shelby though Amy & Dani were close runner-ups. And our bad-boy turned gallant-guy Brett is the most popular hero!

Have a safe and happy Fourth!

Pop Quiz: Which Hero Is Your Fave?

Misty Willow Series

The three heroes of the Misty Willow Series are as different as the lovely ladies who capture their hearts.

Which one would you choose for the perfect date?

AJ, a history teacher and football coach, will happily take you to a college football game–most likely at The Ohio State University. Afterwards, he’ll probably treat you to a deluxe hamburger at the local Dixie Diner.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to dress up in your favorite gown for a romantic candlelight dinner with Brett, a successful businessman. Though he might take you to see a classic movie at the historic Ohio Theater instead.

Choose Gabe, who prefers the outdoors to a corner office, and he’ll serve you up a bowl of his famous chili with snickerdoodle cookies for dessert. Afterward, plan on riding horses together across a country field as the sun goes down on the day.

Take the Misty Willow Hero Quiz to discover which of these handsome men is your perfect match.

I expected to get AJ, but nope! Gabe’s the one for me!


Gabe’s hearty and oh-so-delicious Memphis Biker Chili recipe can be found at Country at Heart Recipes.

Which Misty Willow hero is your fave? Take the quiz to find out & share your result!… Click To Tweet


After taking the Misty Willow Hero Quiz, share your result in the comments.

One commenter will receive her choice of one of the Misty Willow novels:

  • Where She Belongs
  • When Love Arrives
  • What Hope Remembers

If you haven’t already done so, visit last week’s post for the Misty Willow Heroine Quiz and Giveaway for another chance to win.

{Comments must be posted by 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Saturday, July 1, 2017 either here or on the status linking to this post on my Facebook Author Page. One random commenter will be chosen for the Heroine Quiz and one random commenter will be chosen for next week’s Hero Quiz. U.S. winners receive choice of ebook or print edition; ebook only outside of U.S. The winners of both the Heroine and Hero Quizzes contests will be announced on Tuesday, July 4, 2017.}