Baby Chicks, Hungry Alpacas, and More


I unloaded the hay, but the alpaca couldn’t resist nibbling on the stray pieces.


Brienne escaped her cage so now she’s roaming around the greenhouse tables.


On this wintry day, two roosters prefer tree branches over the cold ground.


Newly hatched baby chicks in the incubator.


Winter dangles hay from his mouth like it’s a toothpick.

Alpaca Fall Fashion and More!

A Few Photos from The Keep

Winter sports an autumn leaf

¬†Winter sports this season’s latest fashion–a fallen leaf on his nose.

Sheldon the Guinea

Sheldon the guinea pretends to inspect the fan,
but he’s really interested in the
bucket of rabbit food just out of camera range..

Goldie's baby chick

One of Goldie’s nine baby chicks.
This little family lives in a water tank in the Quonset hut.
(A water tank lined with hay–not water!)

New work gloves

My new work gloves.
They’re warm and cozy, but too thick for dexterity.
Guess I’ll stick with the old ones for now.