A Last Look at PEI

Exploring Prince Edward Island: #Write31Days

exploring-pei-memeMy daughters talked me into participating in the #Write31Days Challenge. I hesitated at first, unsure what to blog about.

But since I’d just come home from a vacation–and had a ton of photos–it seemed like a great opportunity to write about my trip to Canada.

I got a late start on the challenge, and I didn’t blog on the weekends.  So instead of thirty-one posts, this one is my twentieth for the series.

It’s also the last. That’s kinda bittersweet, isn’t it?

To complete the journey, here’s a brief recap of the trip with links to the individual posts.

west-point-lighthouse-03You can also begin with the first post then follow the link included near the end of each one to “hop” to the next.

On Our Way & Lighthouses

We visited the lighthouses at North Point and West Point but didn’t get to go inside either one. The tourist season had ended a week or two before we arrived.

Our Canada-Bound Adventure (With a Detour to Boston)

Exploring Prince Edward Island: North Point

Exploring Prince Edward Island: West Point Lighthouse


The Bottle House Museum

Edouard Arsenault, the last resident keeper at the Cape Egmont Lighthouse, built a six-gable house, a chapel, and a tavern out of approximately 30,000 bottles.

It’s an unusual museum, and certainly worth seeing.

A replica of the lighthouse is also on the grounds, and the landscaping is lovely.

Bottle House Museum

Bottle House Museum Chapel and Tavern

Bottle Museum Gardens

beach-05On the Beach

Walks along the beach. Polished stones. Sea glass.

Breathtaking sunsets and restful evenings.

We stayed at a cottage located near the island’s west shore and enjoyed every moment.

Sea Glass Amongst the Stones

PEI Sunsets

Green Gables

A highlight of our trip, especially for me, was our drive to the North Shore. I loved seeing the places that inspired Lucy Maud Montgomery to write Anne of Green Gables and her other stories.

On the Road to Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables Museum

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Post Office


Green Gables Heritage Place Visitor Center

The Barn at Green Gables

Stepping Inside Green Gables

Upstairs at Green Gables

Outside Green Gables

Saying Goodbye

You know how vacation days tend to fly by, and how on the last day you find yourself wondering where the time went?

That wasn’t true of our time on PEI.

Instead it was like time slowed down. Perhaps it reflects the slower pace of life we enjoyed while on the island.

Our Last Day at the Cottage

In Charlottetown

Vacationing in PEI

I’ve had a great time reliving my days in PEI with you. I hope you’ve had fun, too.


Vacationing in PEI

Exploring Prince Edward Island: #Write31Days

For the past month, I’ve been sharing photos and memories of my recent trip with my sister to Prince Edward Island. Here are just a few observations and a few more photos.

Home Away

My sister opted to use Home Away to rent a cottage located on the West Shore near the charming town of O’Leary (home of the PEI Potato Museum).  We had a charming and comfy place to stay with an amazing view of the sea.


But the best part of staying in the cottage instead of a hotel was the new friends we made. Elwood and Shirley, who keep an eye on the cottage for the owners, invited us over one evening. Such a delightful time, and a memorable way to learn more about the local community and the province.

Wind Energy

Wind farms are situated throughout the western part of the island. These structures are huge.


Atlantic Time Zone

I’ve lived most of my life in the Eastern time zone. Now that I’m in the Central time zone, I always feel an hour behind everyone else.

But it felt even stranger to be in the Atlantic time zone–while in PEI, I was an hour ahead of what, to me, is “normal”!


evangeline-from-amazonAnne Shirley isn’t PEI’s only literary heroine. Most gift shops also featured Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s epic poem, “is a story of loss and devotion set against the deportation of the Acadian people in 1755. The poem elevated Longfellow to be the most famous writer in America and has had a lasting cultural impact, especially in Nova Scotia and Louisiana, where most of the poem is set” (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: A Maine Historical Society Website).

The Acadians are descendants of French colonists who settled in Canada’s maritime provinces in the 17th and 18th centuries. They developed a distinct culture and heritage. Later, many Acadians migrated to Louisiana and influenced the Cajun culture.

Photo Collages

Here are two more photo collages, the first from the grounds of the Bottle House Museum and the second from our excursion to the West Point Lighthouse.


Join me on Monday for the last stop on this month’s Exploring Prince Edward Island tour.

Your Turn

Is your favorite time zone the one you grew up in? (That’s the way it is for me!)

In Charlottetown

Exploring Prince Edward Island: #Write31Days

Charlottetown is a historic city, and I wish we’d had more than an afternoon to wander its streets. At least we had enough time to visit the harbor and have an ice cream cone from Cows. (Mine was PEI Strawberry.)



Our last evening in PEI we ate at a McDonald’s. (No judging! It was next door to our hotel.) While waiting for our order, I checked out the snacks at the adjoining convenience store. How much fun are these Pepsi cartons?


The next morning we began our long trek home.

From Charlottetown to Toronto. From Toronto to Chicago. From Chicago to Memphis.

From the Atlantic time zone to the Central time zone.

The trip is over but not the memories. So come back tomorrow for more photos and observations.

Your Turn

This memorable vacation also had its glitches.

We were bumped from a flight because of overbooking, my luggage was pulled from the plane but not my sister’s, I almost caused a wreck by pushing on the parking brake button (hey, I didn’t know what it was!), and I almost didn’t make the Chicago flight because of a delay getting through customs. And customs confiscated the jar of jelly my sister bought at the Toronto airport.

Now it’s your turn to share a travel glitch!

Our Last Day at the Cottage

Exploring Prince Edward Island: #Write31Days

On our way back to the cottage after visiting Green Gables, we stopped at a lovely pottery shop. I loved so many of the colors but this one spoke to me. I wanted several of the pieces but finally decided on one of the graceful mugs. You can see them at the left of the photo.


The next day we packed our bags, locked up the cottage, and drove to Charlottetown. But before we left, I took a few more photos.


The rocks we gathered then left behind.


This grass is made for barefoot walkin’ even when there’s a chill in the air!


We saw several picturesque churches as we drove around the island. We passed this one on our way to Charlottetown.


Our last stop: Charlottetown! Come back tomorrow for photos.

Your Turn

When’s the last time you walked barefoot in the grass? (It’s never too late!)

Outside Green Gables

Exploring Prince Edward Island: #Write31Days

outside-04While walking through the creepy woods, Anne Shirley told her bosom friend Diana Berry a spooky story. Then she fell and sprained her ankle. While Diana rushed off for help, Anne fainted.

Could this have been the inspiration for that scene?

Here are a few more photos I took as I wandered around Green Gables.

A couple of these were taken from the golf course on the other side of the pond. We thought we could get back to Green Gables from there, but nope! So we had to backtrack.


I hope you enjoyed this photo tour of Green Gables.

The Exploring Prince Edward Island series is almost at an end. Please join me each day for the rest of this week for more Prince Edward Island photos.

Your Turn

Who is your favorite character from the Anne Shirley stories?