slider photo 03Pictured here are a few of my favorite things.

See the Avon perfume bottle at the left? I’ve had that since I was a teen. The photo behind the perfume bottle is actually a box. All the note cards that came with it are gone, but I keep the box on a bookshelf.

A distant cousin gave me the clay jar. He found it and several others buried near a creek on his southern Ohio farm. He believes they were made by our ancestors.

The jewelry box was a going-away present from a co-worker when I left my last job. The pearls were a gift.

The faded photo in the right corner is of my parents at a very young age — that’s newborn me cradled in my daddy’s arm. The unusual frame was a Christmas gift from a dear friend.

Look closely and you’ll see a pair of brown cowboy boots perched on top of a stack of books (including McGuffy Readers I’ve had since childhood). My middle grandson Jedidiah wore these boots, and I fell in love with them not just because he wore them but also because of the little tractor embossed on the ankle of each one. It was a happy day when my son-in-law gave them to me.

jd looking in mirrorAh, my lovely hat! My friend Joy gave me this hat at Christmas to celebrate the release of my World War II era novel.

Then there’s that beautiful sign. It actually says “Minivers of London” and was created by my talented friend Mandy. Readers of Where Treasure Hides will recognize Minivers as the name of the tea shoppe where Alison and Ian ate cherry scones . . . and fell in love. (Sigh!)

These are just a few of my favorite things. If you’d like to share photos of a few of yours, please send an email to:

johnnie at johnnie-alexander dot com.

I’d love to shared your treasured items on my blog.

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