When Memory Whispers #1

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When Memory Whisper v2From When Memory Whispers (formerly known as When Sparrow Falls)

September 1997

Beneath the brim of her black felt hat, Annalee Gilbert stared at the newly engraved granite stone. Her throat ached from trying to breathe past unbearable sorrow, and hot tears stung her eyes. But she dared not weep. If she allowed herself to cry, she might not ever stop.

Lifting her bouquet of blue and white forget-me-nots, she breathed in their delicate fragrance and slipped into the distant past. Rolf had arranged to have a similar bouquet sent to her dressing room one opening night, the first time he’d sent her flowers, and she’d worn them in her hair. That night’s performance was seen by hundreds, but she played her part only for him.

Now their only child lay beneath the newly-sodded mound. But the name engraved in the granite was not truly her own. Cathy had grown up, married, and given birth to a daughter without ever knowing the truth of who she was or who her parents had been.

Placing her hand on the stone, Annalee steadied herself and laid the fragile forget-me-nots at its base. After all these years, it was time to reveal her identity to Jenna.

Cathy’s only child. Annalee’s only grandchild.

Otherwise, Annalee’s story of the woman she had once been and of the man she had loved with all her being would be lost forever.

The engraved words on the granite stone blurred. Suddenly cold despite the Florida sun, Annalee couldn’t fight the descent into darkness. Only one thought lingered.

Jenna needed to know the truth.

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{Note: This excerpt is the opening of an unpublished novel which is not under contract. While my WIP is a contemporary romance, I sometimes return to this beloved story, my first completed manuscript, and hope to see it in print someday.}

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4 thoughts on “When Memory Whispers #1

  1. What a beautiful and intriguing opening! For sure this will find a publisher eager to produce it. You do not shy away from the emotion your characters feel, not an easy thing to do, and it is what makes you such a gripping author.