Christian Fiction Friday: #2

When Memory Whispers

When Memory Whisper v2From When Memory Whispers (formerly known as When Sparrow Falls)

April 1944

A naked ceiling bulb cast eerie shadows on the peeling walls of the bare London flat, abandoning the corners to darkness. Marie Wyatt hated the damp room, but its dreary atmosphere provided the perfect stage for changing into her other identity.

“Review the plan. From the moment you depart the train.” Sir Colin Ellington sat posture-perfect, his large frame completely hiding the rickety ladder-back chair. Marie expected the legs to collapse at any moment. Stifling a giggle at the imagined indignity, she slipped a bulky wool sweater over her outdated blouse and heavy skirt.

“Testing me, Colin? This is hardly my first assignment.”

“Humor me.”

“I check the upper corner window for Twist’s signal. Enter the building, knock the secret knock and say the magic word. Exchange cash for documents.”

“Always in character.”

“Even in my sleep.” She pulled a plaid flannel nightgown from beneath the bed pillow and snapped it at him. “Not that I ever get a good night’s sleep when I stay here. There are mice, you know.”

“The Twenty Committee appreciates your sacrifice.” A wry grin appeared beneath Colin’s gray-flecked mustache as he held the flannel disdainfully between two fingers and dropped it on the floor. “And your attention to detail.”

“But not enough to send me to France.”

“Patience, my dear Marie.”

“That’s what you always say.” She frowned as she tied a dull paisley scarf over her dark, pinned-up curls and shrugged into a shapeless brown coat.

Facing the pitted mirror, she analyzed her reflection. The bulky clothes disguised her classic dancer’s figure, and carefully applied makeup aged her youthful skin. She breathed deeply, then watched herself shrink, shoulders hunched, into her other self—the middle-aged pensioner who lived in this pitiful flat. She caught Colin’s approving eye in the glass.

“I say, I feel a bit like Pygmalion’s doppelganger in how I’ve transformed a fair lady into a . . . a drudge.” Colin stood and pulled a watch from his vest pocket. “Shall we meet for breakfast in the morning, say, 9:00?”

“If you wish.” Reflected behind her in the mirror, the room’s only window caught her eye. The yellowed shade was drawn, but the slanted rays of the late afternoon sun filtered through the porous worn spots.

She felt drawn to the translucence, the play of the weak beams against the shadows of the unblemished bits of the aged shade. Not unlike the light of her true self, straining against the mask she wore on these routine assignments.

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{Note: This excerpt is from an unpublished novel which is not under contract. While my WIP is a contemporary romance, I sometimes return to this beloved story, my first completed manuscript, and hope to see it in print someday. Read the opening excerpt here.}

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6 thoughts on “Christian Fiction Friday: #2

    • Hallee, I love researching the WWII spy stories and especially the brave women who risked their lives whether for the cause or because of a love of adventure.

      Please let me know when your story is published.

  1. I really like to read Christian Fiction. IT IS CLEAN READING and I think that is what we should go back to. Great Job and you are a very fine author.