Christian Fiction Friday: #3

When Memory Whispers

When Memory Whisper v2From When Memory Whispers (formerly known as When Sparrow Falls)

“Of course.” Colin’s smooth voice interrupted her thoughts. “I could be here when you return.”

Marie froze, stunned by his suggestion. She had sensed Colin’s growing personal attention, but never dreamed he’d actually proposition her. After all, he had a son close to her age.

“Allow me to care for you.” His hand neared her heavily made-up cheek, but instead he awkwardly clasped her hand. “Provide for you.”

“What would Lady Ellington think?” she asked, grateful the playfulness in her voice didn’t betray her revulsion.

“My dear wife is safely tucked away at our country estate until this madness ends.” Colin lifted her hand to his lips and trapped her in his gaze. His steely eyes narrowed. “This isn’t a game you’re playing, Marie. It’s dangerous. The disguises. The deception.”

“The only danger is me missing the train. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens on these errands.”

Ignoring her dismissive tone, Colin tightened his grip on her fingers. “You don’t belong here. Not when I can surround you with luxury. Dress you in elegance.”

Marie stepped backward, yanking her hand from his grasp and glaring into his heavily lidded eyes. “I’ve been taking care of myself since I was seventeen. And if you don’t want me doing this, then send me to France. You know that’s all I want.”

“The curse of the beautiful. So certain that a seductive smile or come-hither look will grant whatever you desire. But not this time.” Colin’s thin lips curved into an indulgent smile. “The women we parachute into France have to be fluent. You are not.”

“I’ve been studying. Je pratique quotidiennement.”

“I won’t allow you to risk your life.”

“Why is it your decision?”

Colin retrieved his hat from the table and tapped the brim against his thigh. “You’ve been taking care of yourself since you were seventeen, you said. Are you so much older now?”

Heat flushed Marie’s cheeks.

“I know how young you really are.” His thick fingers brushed the top of his hat, playing some strange rhythm that matched the cadence of his words.

Fearful questions clutched at her stomach as she turned from him and opened the carpet bag resting at the foot of the bed. Could he really know her true age? That it was only two years since she’d left home, not the five she claimed?

“May I wait for your return?” he asked.

Setting her features into stone, she faced him. “Blackmail, Colin? Is that what’s going on here?” A flicker of horror darkened his face before he regained his composure. In that slender moment, she realized the idea repulsed him. A strange morality, abhorring blackmail while lusting for a nineteen-year-old pretending to be twenty-two.

He deliberately, artfully even, donned his hat. The brim, placed just so against his broad brow, restored his dignity. She almost felt sorry for him as she noted the subtle straightening of his spine, the minuscule pushing out of his chest.

Unconscious movements on his part that betrayed so much.

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{Note: This excerpt is from an unpublished novel which is not under contract. While my WIP is a contemporary romance, I sometimes return to this beloved story, my first completed manuscript, and hope to see it in print someday. Read the first excerpt here.}

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6 thoughts on “Christian Fiction Friday: #3

  1. I was able to clearly picture the characters, Colin in particular, from your description of them. I find myself wanting to find out more! I hope you’re able to publish this gem soon.