Christian Fiction Friday: #7

When Memory Whispers

When Memory Whisper v2

Marie Wyatt, an Allied courier, was assigned to meet a double agent in Hatfield, England. Before she could do so, she was whisked away from a tragic scene by a stranger with a  German accent. He takes her to a secluded room and urges her to get rid of her disguise as a middle-aged British housewife.

Whatever the stranger’s intent, discarding the drudge’s disguise seemed prudent. She laid the stinger on the washstand then changed into the fashionable skirt. It fit perfectly.

“How did you know my size?”


“So you’ve been watching me.”

“We really need to go.”

She buttoned the cardigan then slipped her bare feet into a pair of dressy flats. Palming the stinger, she emerged from behind the screen.

The contents of her bag were scattered across the table. Now dressed in dark trousers and a crisp blue shirt, the stranger was pulling the British pounds from the false bottom. Appraising her appearance, he smiled his approval. “Hello, beautiful.”

She pointed the stinger at him. “Put down that money.”

He glanced at the weapon then dismissed it with an amused smile. “I’m not a thief,” he said, stuffing the cash meant for Twist into a black purse and holding it out to her. “Take it.”

She grabbed the purse from him and aimed the stinger at his heart. “Tell me who you are. How you know my name.”

Gripping her hand, he pointed the stinger toward the ceiling. She dropped the purse then stomped as hard as she could on his foot.

“Ouch.” He twisted, escaping another kick, but didn’t release her. “That hurt.”

“Just let me go.” She struggled to no avail. “Please.”

“Frost.” His breath caressed her ear, and she stilled. “I’m Frost.”

“That’s a code name.”

“Yes.” He relaxed his grip and pried the stinger from her grasp.

She pushed away from him as he examined the weapon. An amused grin tugged the corners of his mouth as he held it out to her. When she reached for it, he folded it within her fingers and wrapped his hands around hers. “Keep it with you always. Someday you may need it.”

“Like now.”

“Now we need to get out of here. Hopefully alive.”

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6 thoughts on “Christian Fiction Friday: #7

  1. Very interesting!!! You must say that with the accent of the old funny little soldier on LaughIn 🙂 I marvel at women who write such stories 🙂 Suspense hurts my jaws 🙂

    • Caryl, when I read your comment on my phone yesterday, it made me laugh. I know exactly how to say that!

      “Suspense hurts my jaws”? You’re too funny! I do love this story, though. It was a joy to write though sometimes very hard. And the research was fascinating.