Exploring Prince Edward Island: West Point Lighthouse


My sister and I hopped in our rental car then headed south along the picturesque coastal road. Our first stop: The historic West Point Lighthouse. Since the museum and the gift shop were closed for the winter, we didn’t get to see inside.


Instead, I buttoned up my inadequate jeans jacket, vainly wished for mittens, and photographed the lighthouse, the beach, and the sea. I also filled my small camera bag with an assortment of green, gray, black, and mauve rocks that had been polished by the waves into an incredible smoothness.

Here are a couple of my favorite photos. Though autumn in PEI, the flowers are reminiscent of spring. Just lovely. And what stroll on the beach isn’t complete without a crustacean skeleton?

west-point-lighthouse-wildflowers-02 west-point-lighthouse-crab

Tomorrow’s photo montage is from our visit to the Bottle Museum–a chapel, six-gabled house, and tavern made from thousands of bottles. Be sure to stop by!

Your Turn

Visiting PEI during the off-season meant we encountered a few closed signs. Do you prefer to vacation during your destination’s bustling tourist season or the quieter off season?

exploring-pei-meme#Write31Days Challenge

This month I’m joining a host of other bloggers by participating in the #Write31Days Challenge by sharing memories and photos from my recent trip to Prince Edward Island.

My daughters are also participating in the challenge.

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