Foreign Affaire: One Smooth Stone by Marcia Lee Laycock

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Featuring: One Smooth Stone by Marcia Lee Laycock

Set in Canada’s Yukon

One Smooth Stone is December’s Book of the Month on Foreign Affaires, a blog devoted to novels that take place in international (and imaginary) places.

Catch up with author Marcia Lee Laycock and her characters in this round-up of posts from the Foreign Affaires site.

Book and Author of December: One Smooth Stone by Marcia Lee Laycock

Finding the Sun in Yukon: Setting for One Smooth Stone

Alex Donnelly: Hurting Hero of One Smooth Stone

Alex Donnelly: A Few of His Favorite Things

Kendra “Kenni” Adams: Kind Heroine of One Smooth Stone

Kendra “Kenni” Adams: A Few of Her Favorite Things

Marcia Lee Laycock: Up Close and Personal

Marcia Lee Laycock: On Writing

About the Book

Alex Donnelly is trying desperately to hide from his past, the police, and especially God. He picks a good place to hide – the wilderness of Canada’s Yukon, but he finds even there he is pursued by all of the above. Confronted with intriguing information and burning to know more about his real parents, Alex returns to his birthplace of Seattle, Washington, only to discover that his mother had tried to abort him. The trauma sends him on the run again, but God has orchestrated a divine appointment for him back in the Yukon. The story is filled with miraculous healing, struggles with rage, and an obsession with revenge. It illustrates that God never gives up as Alex learns that no matter how far you run, God will find you, and no matter what you have done, God will forgive you.

About the Author

marcia-lee-laylock2Marcia’s writing has won awards in Canada and the U.S. Her devotionals are distributed to thousands and her novel, One Smooth Stone, won the Best New Canadian Christian Author Award from Castle Quay Books and The Word Guild. The sequel, A Tumbled Stone, has also garnered excellent reviews and been short-listed for awards. Marcia’s most recent release is the first book of The Ambassadors, a YA fantasy series just launched with Helping Hands Press. Marcia is also a sought-after speaker for women’s events.

Connect with Marcia

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Book Links

One Smooth Stone          A Tumbled Stone

Spur of the Moment          Abundant Rain

The Ambassadors – Journey to a Strong Tower

The Ambassadors Book One –

The Ambassadors Book One – (Paperback)

The Ambassadors Book One – (Kindle)

The Ambassadors Book One PB on HHP site

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