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  1. I just finished “Where Treasure Hides” last night and just had to tell you what a wonderful book it is! I am recovering from total knee replacement surgery and so am somewhat immobilized at the moment. I have been reading at least one book a week but I could not put your book down and I read it in three sittings. My only complaint, if you could call it that, is that I am praying that you will do a sequel so Ian and Alison can learn the truth about their son and rescue him from that evil Count! Please tell me the sequel is already in the works! I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the message of the Gospel being interwoven throughout the pages. Our God is an awesome God!

    • Oh, Nancy. Your comment is bringing tears to my eyes! Thank you!

      I’m so glad Alison and Ian’s story has been a distraction during your recuperation.

      And now–the sequel. Well . . . I have a very rough draft for one, but my writing time is occupied right now with other contractual obligations. But I do hope to get back to it someday.

      In the meantime, remember Marie the American actress who had a mission with Ian? I actually wrote her story first (and that’s where I first “met” Ian). Click on the button titled When Memory Whispers if you’d like to read that story though I warn you, I’m adding a new snippet every Friday so it’s not all available yet.

      Thanks again for your encouragement and your love of a novel that’s very dear to me.

      God bless!

  2. I just finished “where treasure hides”. I loved it. I quit watching most of TV, not much loss it is mostly trash. But your book was wonderful. I loved the passion in your characters! But like the other person please please do the sequel. I knew the her son lived and I knew when Theodor said “you’ve lost more than you know” he was talking about her son. You stinker you let us know at the very last minute! I need a resolution! So, I will encourage you – finish the sequel please.

    • Marci, thank you so much for letting me know how much you loved Where Treasure Hides. I laughed when I got to the “You stinker” part! LOL!

      It means so much to me when people ask about the sequel. I know how it begins and I know what has to happen. But there’s all the stuff in between that’s a challenge 🙂 But I, too, hope it gets written and published.

      Thanks again for your encouragement.

  3. Just finished Where Treasure Hides and of course had to look online at any possible discussions of their son. So many questions are still swirling around in my mind. My favorite parts were how he treated Libby so sweetly! The best love stories always start with an honorable, sacrificial and God-fearing man, and reminds us what real love is. No wonder Alison swelled with pride as she looked at him 🙂

    Wonderful job on your debut novel!

    • Hi, Amanda. I guess I’m going to have to fire the internet imp who isn’t letting me know about comments on this page. I’m sorry so many months have gone by without a reply. I just saw this.

      Thank you for letting me know you loved Where Treasure Hides. Ian is heroic in so many ways, and he’s a fun character to hang around with. LOL!

      As for young Schuyler, I still hope to write his story. I have a very rough draft that needs a lot of work, but a couple scenes just break my heart. Thanks again!

  4. I just finished reading “Where She Belongs”. I didn’t want it to end! What an amazing book! The characters felt like they were my friends. I cannot wait for the next book in the series! Thank you for writing such a wonderful book.

    • Hi, Shirley. My apologies for not replying earlier. I just saw your comment. My notification email thingy apparently hasn’t been working. 🙁

      I’m glad you enjoyed Shelby and AJ’s story. I hope you like the next story, too. Brett’s change of heart is, well, it’s heartwarming.

  5. Dear Johnnie, This is to let you know that I have just posted my review of WHERE SHE BELONGS on my blog I only review novels that I enjoy and that have a strong Christian message. Your books certainly qualify! The aim of my blog is to encourage readers to read Christian rather than secular novels, thus being drawn to the truth of God’s Word, and a closer walk with the Lord.
    Kind regards,
    Sue Garland

    • Hi, Sue. Thank you so much for emailing me. As I commented to Amanda and Shirley, I’m not getting notifications of comments. I used to, so I don’t know what happened.

      Thank you, too, for your positive review. I loved it! This story is very special to me because I used to live in that house when I was a teen. I can’t live in it anymore, but I’m so glad that Shelby got to do so–at least for a little while. Thanks again so much!

  6. Dear Johnnie,
    I have just posted my review of WHERE TREASURE HIDES on my blog, I really enjoyed the novel – such a good story and so full of Christian truth. I spent some time in Holland with a good friend and her family when I was young (1959) and the war certainly had affected both the old and young of that country. you novel brought back quite a few memories.
    Kind regards,
    Sue Garland.

    • Hi, Sue.

      Thanks for letting me know about your review. I’m a little envious of the time you got to spend in Holland. I wish I could have visited there.

      I became fascinated with WWII history while researching another story (still unpublished). Until then, I hadn’t heard of the Monuments Men and knew little about how many children’s lives were saved thanks to courageous people hiding them in their homes. This story still gets to me (said with a grin). Thanks for the review!

    • Hi, Breanna. Thank you!!! As you may know–I’ve written about it on this blog and other places–I lived in the house where Shelby lives. The cottage is also a real place though I moved it to a different location. So glad to hear from you, and love “The Jesus Book Girl.”

  7. I have read “Where she belongs” and just finished “When love arrives”. I loved them both. I loved the struggles they had and how you resolved it. Thank you for writing stories with such substance and depth. I anxiously looking forward to the next ones!

    Thank you again, it is so rewarding to read something with great characters, and a wonderful plot!

  8. I just finished reading “Where Treasure Hides”–by far one of the best books I have ever read. I can hardly wait for the sequel. Anticipated date? I believe in God’s redemption, grace and never-ending hope, and you have woven that message into this book. Thank you!

    • Hi, Carol. I am so glad you enjoyed Where Treasure Hides. That’s high praise and I am humbled. Thank you!

      The sequel is a very, very messy draft. Because of other contracted obligations, I haven’t been able to work on it. But it’s a story I very much want to write and hopefully I can get back to it later this year.

      Again, thanks so much for asking. Such encouragement makes me want to write it even more.

  9. I just finished reading Where She Belongs and loved it!! Has a great love story, a little mystery, and best of all it is a christain based NOVEL I look forward to reading the two follow up books and maybe some of your other books. Hopefully they are christain romance books too. So very happy to have found another writer of clean romance novels.

    • Hi, Carole!

      You may be glad to know that Where She Belongs is a finalist in the contemporary romance category for the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference Selah Awards. So exciting!

      I hope you enjoy When Love Arrives and What Hope Remembers (which just released this past week) just as much.

      I’m sorry to be so late in responding to your comment. I was packing to move and moving in March–still getting settled!

      Thanks for letting me know you loved Shelby and AJ’s story. It means so much!

    • Hi, Tammi! I just read your comment and I truly laughed aloud! Oh, if only it was that easy. Though I’m working on a couple other projects right now, I’m hoping to get back to it within a few months. Just need to do a lot of research first!

      Thanks so much for asking. I hope that means you loved Where Treasure Hides!

  10. Hello Johnnie,
    I recently read your book, Where Treasure Hides. I than did what I always do after reading a good book, I go on line to read about the author. I was surprised to find you had recently been here in New Mexico. I live in a small adobe style house. (not real adobe but looks like). My front door is the same blue as the gate in your picture. If your ever back in New Mexico feel free to come and see what’s behind my blue door

    • Hey, JoMarie! I just came across your comment. I’m supposed to get email notifications but apparently that’s on the fritz!

      That blue door spoke to me and I’m a little jealous you have one on your house. We had such a fun drive through your state.

      A little anecdote–we stopped at a convenience store and I was waiting my turn at the cash register. A man wearing a cowboy hat and boots was in front of me. My six-year-old grandson sidled next to me and whispered (loud enough for the guy to hear), “He’s a real cowboy.”

      You could just hear the awe in his little voice. The man smiled and said, “I guess he isn’t from around here.”

      Such a sweet little moment.

      Thanks for the invitation! How fun! (You can send me a photo of your door if you’d like!)