Group Texts? I Love ‘Em!

balloon text croppedFor about half an hour, as I was on a day-long drive, my phone signaled incoming texts. I smiled as I drove–and refrained from grabbing my phone–because I knew what was happening.

My three kids, one in Ohio and two in Florida, were “talking” to one another in our group text. I caught up with the conversation the next time I stopped for gas.

Sometimes the dings come fast and furious when the kids get going, but I never mind.

Even when I’m not participating, I love that I’m eavesdropping on their spontaneous chats. It’s the next best thing to all of us being in the same room together.

Wish that happened more often than it does. But until that time comes again, I want those dings to keep on coming.

How do you stay in close touch with your faraway family?

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