Hummingbird Migration

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hmanc-hummingbirdSee this hummingbird? Last week, I got to place my fingertip against his tiny feathered chest. His heart fluttered, fast and warm, against my skin.

This ruby-throated hummingbird, a juvenile male, had just been banded, assessed, weighed, and measured.

After learning more about this little guy, he was placed on the outstretched hand of a young girl. He sat there for several moments before the volunteer lifted the little girl’s hand and the hummingbird flew away.

This was just our first up-close-and-personal look at wild things.

At the Hummingbird Migration and Nature Celebration, held at the Strawberry Plains Audubon Center, Holly Springs, Mississippi last weekend, my friend Tracy and I listened to presentations on reptiles, bats, kangaroos, and more.

Enjoy these photos then scroll down for information on three giveaways for When Love Arrives.


Bob Tarter, Natural History Education Co. of the MidSouth


Terry Vandeventer, Herpetologist, Living Reptile Museum


Rob Mies, Director, Organization for Bat Conservation

Giveaways of When Love Arrives

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