Kindle Surprise: Matthew’s Choice by Patricia Bradley

Matthew's Choice

Matthew’s Choice

A few days ago, I got a surprise in my Kindle–a book I didn’t remember ordering called Matthew’s Choice.

Then I saw the author’s name and slowly smiled as I recalled pre-ordering it.

Author Patricia Bradley

Author Patricia Brad

Patricia Bradley wrote this story about Matthew Jefferies, a young man who is so ashamed of his childhood and so determined to become everything his dad was not, that he sacrificed his college sweetheart to chase wealth and success.

As Patricia’s critique partner, I’d read the story during its drafting stage. The title was different then which is why it didn’t immediately resonate with me when I found the book in my Kindle.

Since opening to the first page, I’ve hardly been able to put it down. I know what’s going to happen, but Patricia has still captured my attention with her true-to-life characters, moving-right-along storyline, and crisp writing.

When circumstances force Matthew to return to his hometown to care for the nephew he didn’t know he had, he’s faced with a choice. Deep in his heart, what does he truly want: his life of success and prestige in Memphis or the small-town gal who never stopped loving him?

Send Matthew’s Choice to your e-reader to find out!

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