Announcing New Cover, New Title, New Translation

Tigger Bounces & Happy Dances Abound

Courageous BridesNew Cover

Barbour Books released the cover for the Courageous Brides Collection which releases in July 2016. The collection includes my novella, The Healing Promise. The story takes place in 1870s Nebraska and was inspired by a true event.

New Title

Misty Willow Series Book #2 has an official title: When Love Arrives!

The story, which begins just a few weeks after Where She Belongs ends, are about two people who were scarred by the same childhood tragedy. She knows it; he doesn’t. The novel releases from Revell in September 2016.

New Translation

This wins the prize for the most unexpected news–Where Treasure Hides will be published by Norwegian publisher Lunde Forlag. I don’t know when, but I’m so excited the story will be translated into another language. Whoo hoo!

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9 thoughts on “Announcing New Cover, New Title, New Translation

  1. Hello, Johnnie. Congrats on another European translation. I’m sure more will follow suit. Thank you for the Courageous Brides Collection update. I don’t always pick up novella collections. One reason is that I enjoy long, epic, and heavily detailed novels. The other reason is that there are so many novella collections being released regularly that there is no way to keep up. Knowing that your highly anticipated (by me 🙂 ) novel, Where She Belongs, has a connected novella in that collection, I will definitely be reading it.

    • Forgive my misunderstanding. I re-read the post and my book-addled brain now understands. Just know that I am excited to read anything you get published. 🙂

      • Good morning, Terrill! You are so encouraging and so sweet. Thanks for happy dancing with me. Novellas appear to be very popular right now, and it’s fun to be part of that trend. I’ve been holding onto the newspaper clipping that inspired this story for decades and have tried before to write about it. The Courageous Brides novella is perfect for it. I’ll be sharing more as we get closer to the release date. Thanks again!