Our Canada-Bound Adventure (with a Detour to Boston)

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Canada-Bound with a Detour to Boston

The first stop on our travel itinerary: Boston.

My sister, Hebe, and I ate at the Elephant & Castle which has the BEST pub pretzels ever. Their yeasty, perfectly salted pretzels are served with spiced red ale mustard. Yum! The clam chowder is tasty, too.

After lunch, we strolled through the Granary Burial Ground, the final resting place for John Hancock, Paul Revere, and other famed revolutionaries. The image on this tombstone caught my attention. 09-29-granary-burial-grounds-tombstone

Sad, yes, but also a little bit creepy.

The next day we flew to Halifax.

From there we were to fly to Charlottetown, but the plane was overbooked and I didn’t have a seat. After discussing our options, we rented a car and drove from Halifax all the way to Prince Edward Island.

The compensation was worth the change in plans, and the experience of driving even greater. On our drive we saw rainbows both in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

You have to look really close to see the patch of rainbow in the Nova Scotia sky, but trust me, it’s there. And it was lovely.09-29-rainbow-collage


We did have one small mishap.

“I wonder what this does,” I said as I pushed a button next to the rental car’s gear knob (which was also a novelty).

Turns out the button was the parking brake. Hebe, who was driving, didn’t think it nearly as funny as I did. Fortunately, the car only bucked a little.

After crossing Confederation Bridge, we were in Prince Edward Island.  We stopped at an information center for maps and tourist guides then headed toward Mermaid’s Lookout–our cottage by the shore.

We unloaded the car and took a few photographs before heading to Coffee & Pizza Shop, the nearest restaurant that was open on a Saturday evening.


The best of Vinny’s: hot meaty pizza with onions and peppers and hospitable, welcoming ladies who lifted our tired spirits with their good humor.

The worst of Vinny’s: no ice for my soda. (I didn’t fuss.)

We went back again, after a day of sightseeing, for another pizza and a half-order of extra-crispy fries with the works.


Come back next week for more photos of sunsets, seashores, and sights and less photos of food.

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4 thoughts on “Our Canada-Bound Adventure (with a Detour to Boston)

  1. LOOOOOOOOVE this!!!!! That’s SO funny about the parking brake – it should have been labeled!!!! And I didn’t even think about the “no ice” thing there. I know several other countries do that – soooo weird! Looks like you’re having a great time!!!