Our Last Day at the Cottage

Exploring Prince Edward Island: #Write31Days

On our way back to the cottage after visiting Green Gables, we stopped at a lovely pottery shop. I loved so many of the colors but this one spoke to me. I wanted several of the pieces but finally decided on one of the graceful mugs. You can see them at the left of the photo.


The next day we packed our bags, locked up the cottage, and drove to Charlottetown. But before we left, I took a few more photos.


The rocks we gathered then left behind.


This grass is made for barefoot walkin’ even when there’s a chill in the air!


We saw several picturesque churches as we drove around the island. We passed this one on our way to Charlottetown.


Our last stop: Charlottetown! Come back tomorrow for photos.

Your Turn

When’s the last time you walked barefoot in the grass? (It’s never too late!)

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