Pop Quiz: Which Heroine Are You?

The Misty Willow Series

Three different stories.

Three very different heroines.

Shelby wants to raise her young daughters where she was happiest as a child–her grandparents’ home and farm. Family traditions are important to her, and she loves Cary Grant movies.

Dani dances to her own beat which means she sometimes puts her size six foot in her mouth. She’s imaginative, creative, and a talented photographer–though even that can get her into trouble.

Amy gets things done. Poised, intelligent, and stylish, she knows how to negotiate deals and plan elite events. She loves the city, but enjoys country life, too, especially since she can spend more time with her only nephew.

Which of these amazing ladies is most like you?

Take the Misty Willow Heroine Quiz to find out and share your result in the comments. (I’m Shelby!)


Take a peek into our heroines’ closets to see their unique styles (Pinterest).


After taking the Misty Willow Heroine Quiz, share your result in the comments.

One commenter will receive her choice of one of the Misty Willow novels:

  • Where She Belongs
  • When Love Arrives
  • What Hope Remembers

Be sure to come back next week for the Misty Willow Hero Quiz and Giveaway.

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25 thoughts on “Pop Quiz: Which Heroine Are You?

  1. The quiz said I’m a Shelby, but, like Dani, I’ve put my foot in my mouth on more than one occasion…and my friends know where they stand with me–I’m not a “fake” friend!

  2. I got Dani. The description is a bit like me so I’d have to agree with the assessment 🙂 I love being surrounded by beauty and creativity and I often daydream. What a fun quiz Johnnie!