Where She Belongs: Reading Group Guide

285555_WhereSheBelongsAlexander_160x600 revisedWhere She Belongs

Reading Group Guide

  1. 1. The Lassiter family farm is an important place for Shelby. She seems to feel that a future of peace and happiness for her and her family is possible only if she restores the farm. Have you ever felt such a strong connection to a place? Where was it? Why did it mean so much to you?

2. Shelby’s life changed dramatically and very quickly as a teenager. Why do you think she carries so much bitterness and resentment from that time in her life? Have you or someone you know ever carried a grudge that lasted for years? Was it ever resolved? If so, how?

3. Shelby admits as the story unfolds that she knows she is blaming AJ unfairly for the hurt his family, actually his grandfather, caused. Why do you think she was unable to separate her feelings about AJ from her hurt and confusion and bitterness about the past? Have you ever experienced something similar? Have you ever been in AJ’s spot, blamed as the source of hurt or injury that you did not cause and could not repair?

4. AJ’s grandparents and Shelby’s grandparents left a legacy. What was that legacy for AJ? For Brett? And for Shelby? What kind of legacy did your parents and grandparents leave for you? What would you like to leave to your family or your community?

5. Elizabeth and Tabby have a very different reaction to AJ than they do to Brett, and it seems to be the opposite of Shelby’s response. Why do you think that was? Have you ever been deceived in your initial opinion about someone, for better or for worse? Did someone you trust share a different view and help to change your mind?

6. If you were continuing the story of the Sullivan family, what do you think would be next for Brett? For Amy? For Meghan and Jonah?