Story Spark: “Sadie’s Gift” by Niki Turner (And Giveaway)


The inspiration behind the “Sadie’s Gift” novella

Book 2 in The Christmas Traditions series with

Cynthia Hickey, Niki Turner, Darlene Franklin, Patti Hall Smith and Jennifer Allee.

Sadie'sGift_CoverSometime in my late elementary/junior high school years, I read O. Henry’s short story, “The Gift of the Magi.” The story of a young couple sacrificing their most treasured items to provide gifts for each other at Christmas stuck with me, and I wanted to tap into that sense of sacrificial giving for my Christmas Traditions story.

I love to write about my home state of Colorado, and since my great-great grandparents lived in Colorado Springs around the turn of the century, I decided to pursue that as my setting.

My biggest surprise?

Pinterest is an incredible research tool (and an amazing time-waster). (Check out my “Sadie’s Gift” Pinterest board .)

A quick search for “1921 Colorado Springs” plunged me into the dark days of the tuberculosis epidemic, of sanatoriums and preventoriums, and an era when health care was as much in crisis as it is today. In addition, after years of telling my boys not to spit in public, I finally learned WHY spitting on the sidewalk is against the law in some places. I also met hero Nathan and heroine Sadie, who might be my favorite characters so far.
I hope you enjoy Sadie and Nathan’s story, and pray that it inspires your Christmas spirit this season!

Book Info for Sadie’s Gift

Colorado Springs, 1921 — Nurse Sadie Hubbard wants to give the children at the preventorium a wonderful Christmas. Heartbroken Nathan Wells hopes to return to Chicago and mourn his brother’s death alone. When an accident brings Sadie and Nathan together, their plans for the holiday collide. Will they find a way to work together in the spirit of Christmas?

Available at Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (Nook)

Author’s Bio

AuthorPic2_NikiTurnerNiki Turner is a novelist, journalist, blogger, and the production manager for the Rio Blanco Herald Times weekly newspaper. Her first completed manuscript earned second place in the Touched By Love 2009 contemporary category romance contest. She has written articles for local newspapers, and won second place for best agriculture story at the 2013 Colorado Press Association annual convention.

She blogs at and is a co-blogger at Niki is the Colorado Area Coordinator for American Christian Fiction Writers and is involved in establishing an ACFW chapter on Colorado’s Western Slope, where she resides. She published Sadie’s Gift as one of the Christmas Traditions novella collection in 2014. Her next project, Santiago Sol, will be published by Pelican Book Ventures, LLC, as part of the Passport to Romance novella collection.

Connect with Niki:

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Excerpt from “Sadie’s Gift” By Niki Turner

Nathan watched her march down the street, away from him. The nicer he tried to be to Sadie Hubbard, the crankier she got. Maybe she still felt guilty about the accident, or the fact she was shopping for Christmas presents when she owed him money to fix the car. He hurried to catch up with her.

She moved to cross the street. Nathan looked up just in time to see the streetcar barreling toward her. He wrapped both arms around her and yanked her back. The streetcar whistled past.

“Don’t you ever look where you’re going?” He hissed into her ear, he was breathing hard and fast, and he could feel her gasping for breath.

“The only times in my life I’ve been close to being run over are when you’re involved,” she spluttered, wrenching out of his grasp.

He tried to ignore how pleasant it felt to hold her in his arms, how simple human contact assuaged the specter of loneliness that had plagued him since his brother’s death.

“Should I apologize for rescuing you, then?”

She frowned at him, fists clenched at her sides. “You, sir, are… impossible.”

He reached out and chucked her gently under the chin. “You, miss, are adorable when you’re angry.”

She made a sound that could have been mistaken for a growl, and he smiled. He was, he

admitted, having more fun than he’d had in weeks. Nathan crooked his arm toward her. “Since you won’t thank me for saving you, I insist we stop for sustenance before continuing your shopping spree.” He pointed toward the gaudy electric sign that designated the café’s location.

“I am not on a shopping spree.”

“To the male mind, visiting more than one store in one day constitutes a spree.” He was

inordinately pleased to see her lips quirk at the corners for a brief second before she accepted his proffered arm, and allowed him to lead the way to the café.

Christmas Traditions Giveaway

Niki Turner is giving a copy of her novella, “Sadie’s Gift. Please leave a comment on this post for a chance to win.

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For both giveaways, the winners will be randomly chosen from comments left on the respective posts before 11:59 pm (Central time), Sunday, December 14th. Winners will be announced on Monday, December 15th and may select either a paperback or ebook (Kindle or Nook) edition. (USA only for paperback choice.) Thank you for your participation.

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    • Yes, the “no spitting” rule began to be strictly enforced in the U.S. during the late 19th century and early 20th in an attempt to stop the spread of TB, diphtheria, “la grippe,” and other contagions. New York was the first to make a law against “expectorating” in public, way back in 1896.

  1. Enjoyed reading about the inspiration for “Sadie’s Gift” and loved the story – such a beautiful heart-warming and inspiring novella of redemption and love!! Looking forward to reading more of Niki’s writing!! Thank you, Niki!!

    Please don’t enter me in the contest – I already have “Sadie’s Gift”.

    Shared post!!

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