“Take Pictures of Moments”

A two-year-old meets his newborn baby brother.

A two-year-old meets his newborn baby brother.

Wisdom sometimes appears in the most unlikely of places.

It appeared last night for me in the voice of Shawn Spencer, Psychic Detective with the Santa Barbara Police Department.

“Take pictures of moments,” he said to Juliet. “That’s what matters. Capture them here and hold onto them here.”

He pointed first to his head then to his heart.*

When we flip through old photo albums–or through digital images on our camera phones–the pictures that draw our attention aren’t those of buildings and landscapes, but of people.

Of people we love. People we share our lives with. People we want to hold close.

Here are a few of my “pictures of moments.”

November 2012 Jensen Beach Johnnie and Joy

A November morning  at Jensen Beach, Florida

2012 or 2013 kids

Waiting to see The Hobbit

Nate at the beach

“He’s a bird.”

2013 Beach with the girls

We and our shadows

2011 Road Trip Mom sitting on the porch

Relaxing while on a favorite road trip

If you’d like to share a few of your “Pictures of Moments,” please let me know. I’d love to have you as a guest.

*From the TV show Psych,  “One, Maybe Two Ways Out,” (Season 5, Episode 9).


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