Thanksgiving Through My Grandkids’ Eyes

thank you 02My life is blessed with five grandchildren born within six years of each other. For this Thanksgiving post, they finish the sentence:

Thank you, God, for . . .

(They’re all adorable, but I saved the most interesting conversation for last.)

Jeremy (8 yo):  my bear, mommy, daddy, Grandpa, Grandma, Malize, my whole family, and Grandfather. And my Enderman.

(Mommy note: An Enderman is from the Minecraft game. My note: Malize is me!)

Jeremy 03

Jedidiah (6 yo): Malize, for loving me. Because God loves you. And Jesus because Jesus and God are the best. [And thank you for] God and Jesus and Malize and Grandfather.

Jedidiah 03

KP (5 yo): for my family, God, and that God made our world.


Presley (2 yo): for my toy horse, soup, and daddy working.


Though he’s not the youngest, I saved Josiah’s for last. This usually quiet boy had a lot to say. Josiah 03

Josey (4 yo): “I want Him to get me a big blue Ironman/Batman toy.”

Josey’s mom: “What do you want to thank God for?”

Josey: “For getting me that for my birthday.”

Mom: “No, what do you tell God thank you for?”

Josey: “I want to tell God thank you for trading houses and giving me all this food.”

Mom: “Anything else?”

Josey: “One more thing. I want God to give us all the apples, because I love apples. And I have one more thing, Mommy. It’s so awesome. I want God to give us pumpkin pie.”

Mom: “God has given us a lot of things. What do you want to say thank you for that you already have?”

Josey: “Lots of toys. I have something else to say to God. Thank you for the bananas.”

Me again!

What’s the child in your life thanking God for this year?

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

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