Use the China

Treasured Moments

She cried when she unpacked the gravy boat.

My younger daughter Jill wrote an update on Facebook the other day about unpacking the family china. To her, it evokes memories of family holiday dinners.

Especially the gravy boat.

We used it whenever we needed a gravy boat even if we were eating off paper plates.

Those days are gone. But not the treasured memories of shared meals and celebrations.

Jill wrote:

I really miss being a whole family, but I have to say that using this china with my family, Jacob and our girls, it means so much. You never know growing up what will stick with you and will be tear-jerking memories down the way in your life . . . like a gravy boat that can make me cry.”

Sure, I got teary-eyed, too, reading her update.

But it was the comment from someone who also received the family china that had me reaching for the Kleenex:

there were no tears because there were NO memories of using the china.”

This is my plea to parents everywhere.

Give your children the memories they don’t even know they’re tucking away in their hearts.

Use the china.

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6 thoughts on “Use the China

  1. Oh yes we used the good China every Sunday for lunch when my children were small and at home. I don’t know if my children Will re-member it, but I hope so but I do! thanks for this reminder Johnnie

  2. I don’t think I ever remember using my China. That’s really sad. In my defense my mom always said it was to be seen and not used. I guess I need to pull it out and start using it.

    • Hi, Katrina. I truly understand your mom’s thinking. And yet if you love it, you should use it. Then the china becomes something more than a pretty dish. It becomes a memory. Thanks so much for sharing.