When Memory Whispers #17

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When Memory Whisper v2Jenna frowned as she set a styrofoam cup of coffee on the bed tray. “You need to rest.” Taking Annalee’s arm, she guided her toward the bed.

“I wanted to twirl. It’s been so long since I twirled.” Annalee’s heart thumped against her chest as she shuffled across the hard floor. She flicked at the hospital gown with her fingers. “Though this isn’t exactly a dress made for twirling.”

“Please, Ms. Gilbert, just lie down.”

A cloud must have slipped in front of the sun because the room darkened, chilling Annalee’s bones. She stumbled into the bed as the earth’s magnetic pull grabbed her. Jenna deftly arranged the bedclothes, unwittingly imprisoning Annalee in a linen shroud.

“That’s better, isn’t it?”

Annalee nodded, but mentally she rebelled against the cruelty of living a life not her own. All the anger and resentment she had suppressed during the long years of hiding threatened to explode within her. But if she let the poisonous wrath seep from its stony corner, even the tiniest bit, it would kill her. Of that she had no doubt.

Death might be near, but not yet. Not until she completed one more mission.

The sunbeam reappeared, hypnotizing Annalee with the waltz of the dust motes caught in its light. Her lips pressed together, tight and grim. This was her chance to get acquainted with Jenna. To set the stage for telling the unsuspecting girl the family secrets that had been hidden from her.

“You’re wearing a lovely necklace. A gift, I suppose.”

Jenna fingered the pendant, a delicate heart set with a small blue stone. “Yes. My mom gave it to me for Christmas.”

“You must miss her very much.”

“Did you know my mother?”

Annalee merely nodded.

“I don’t remember her mentioning you.”

“I knew her a very long time ago.” Annalee closed her eyes, weary of the sun and the day. “Long before you were born.”

She wanted to tell Jenna everything. But she was afraid to tell the girl anything.

Tears slipped down her wrinkled cheeks, their dampness trickling past her ears. Silent molecules of an overwhelming grief.

Yes, she wanted oblivion. For herself, but not for Rolf. This mission, her last, was for him. “I’m going to tell her,” Annalee soundlessly whispered.

She will know that you lived.

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