When Memory Whispers #21

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When Memory Whisper v2“The SD?” Colin sputtered. “What could they possibly want with you?”

The main questioner glared at him, then returned his attention to Marie. “Go on, Miss Wyatt.”

“He said we needed to go. He took me to a . . . a building across from the boarding house. I looked out the window.” She swallowed. “There was a man lying in the street. I thought it was Twist, but later . . . I mean I assumed it was Twist, but I didn’t see his face. I don’t know who it was.”

No one spoke for several seconds.

“We have confirmed,” the main questioner said, “that the man in the street was Twist.”

“Easy to identify.” The red-faced man jumped in. “Those gold teeth, you know.”

She stared at him in horror, fearful of the heaving nausea in her stomach.

The bird-of-prey steepled his fingers. “Can you describe the man who pushed you?”

“Not quite six feet tall. Muscular. Brown hair, blue eyes.” This wasn’t the time to think about Frost’s blue eyes. “No distinguishing marks that I could see.”


“German. And Danish. He said he grew up in Germany, but his mother is Danish.” She placed the black purse on the table. “He burned the documents I carried. But the money I was supposed to give to Twist is in there.”

The questioner handed the purse to the red-faced man and scratched something illegible on his pad.

The red-faced man gestured at Marie with his cigarette. She resisted the impulse to smack it out of his hand. “Miss Wyatt, how did you get from Hatfield to Birmingham?”

“We took the train.”

“You and this German?”

“Yes. He said it was an accident. Pushing me, I mean.” She attempted a smile, but ended up frowning instead.

“The train takes an hour or so to get from Hatfield to Birmingham, doesn’t it?”


“Yet there’s nothing else you can tell us about your rescuer?”

“A man had just been killed.” Her voice stayed even. “We didn’t talk much.”

“I see. What about after your arrival in Birmingham?”

“I took a taxi to a safe house.”

“Which one?”

“Bradford Street. I stayed there during my training evaluation.”

The main questioner scribbled another note on his pad and leaned back in his seat. “Gentlemen, I believe we have all the information we need.”

The bird-of-prey stared at Marie, but she refused to flinch from his scrutiny. “Have you told us everything?”

Her lip twitched, but her eyes remained steady. “Of course.”

The leader stood. “Thank you for your time, Miss Wyatt.” He nodded at Colin. “Sir Ellington.”

Colin rose and gestured for Marie to join him. “Thank you, gentlemen,” he said as he moved aside so she could precede him from the office.

“Sparrow,” the leader called out as Marie reached the door. She turned to face him. “Should you remember anything else, you will let me know.”

It wasn’t a question, but she nodded her agreement before leaving the room. Colin guided her to his office.

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