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When Memory Whisper v2Chapter Seven

Colin gave their order to the waiter, then placed two copies of a script in front of Marie.

“What is this?” She picked it up and read the cover. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

“Auditions begin tomorrow afternoon at the Tudor Theatre. You’re reading for the part of Titania.”

Marie glanced around the restaurant. The round tables, draped in white linens, were spaced far enough apart to allow intimate conversations, and the maitre’d maintained an honorable reputation for seating the diners in such a way to achieve maximum privacy. The couple nearest them could not overhear their conversation, but Marie still lowered her voice. “This is a mission?”

“You’ll get the part.” Colin lifted his wine glass toward her. “To Marie Wyatt, American actress.”

Raising her glass, she tilted her head. “I’m myself again?”

“The perfect cover.” He touched the rim of his glass to hers and sipped the fine Chablis. “That is, if you’re willing.”

“For what?”

“Misinformation.” He leaned forward, his eyes dark and piercing. “Indiscretion.”

She set down her glass without drinking. “Is this when I decide how far I’ll go to stay in character?”

“This particular mission is one small part of a larger operation. You’re the Twenty Committee’s first choice because,” he shrugged, “there is no cover. Only the beautiful up-and-coming actress.”

“And the powerful, indiscreet man.”

“The mission isn’t quite as I thought. It seems you will be the one who is indiscreet. But he will definitely appreciate your charms.”

The waiter appeared with their meals, giving Marie time to contemplate what Colin was proposing.

“Who is he?” she asked when they were alone again.

“Senor Hector Luis Mendoza de la Rivera. A lengthy genealogy, now associated with the inner circles of the Spanish embassy. It appears Spain isn’t so neutral after all. We are certain that any information we provide the embassy will be sent in a diplomatic courier bag straight to the German High Command.”

“I see. So the Twenty plans to control that information.”


“The operation—do you know what it is?”

“There is nothing classified about that. The High Command knows that the Allies are planning a major invasion. The secret lies in the when and the where. There are several missions underway designed to mislead them. Your assignment is to give credence to what they think they already know.”

“By becoming romantically involved with an embassy official.”

“That’s the general idea.” Colin feigned interest in his vegetable medley, pushing the broccoli and carrots around with his fork. “Be as coy as you wish, Marie. What is important is that you gain his trust. That he believes what you tell him about the invasion.”

“Why should he believe that I know anything about the Allies’ plans?”

“Before I give you any more details, I need to know if you’re willing to accept this assignment.”

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