When Memory Whispers #32

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When Memory Whisper v2While Ian stuck the folder back in his briefcase, Marie plopped into the soft cushion of one of his fireside chairs and stretched her feet towards the hearth. “Time for a rematch.”

He grinned as reached for the brown leather case resting on the mantel. “You’re a brave woman.”

“I don’t like losing.”

“Neither do I.” He flipped open the brass hinges and arranged the brown and white discs on the backgammon board. “When do you deliver the film?”

She dropped the dice into the cup. “I’ve been invited to an Embassy dinner. Monday night.”

“Just dinner?” His casual tone held an undercurrent of concern, but he kept his eyes on the board.

The dice softly clattered as she gently shook the cup. “And dancing.”

“If he insists on something more?”

“I’ll do what I must to protect my cover.” She lifted his stubbled chin till their eyes met. “To protect you.”

He closed his hand over her fingers. “It’s not supposed to work that way.”

“What do you mean?”

“I should be protecting you.”

“We’re at war. Nothing is as it’s supposed to be.”

“Every day I pray to God for this war to end. No more senseless dying.” Ian shifted in his chair. “But every day I’m part of an operation that can only end in death. Soldiers will die. Their loved ones will grieve. And I’m partially to blame.”

“I don’t think God is listening to your prayers, or He would stop this madness.” Marie said with resignation. “He would have protected Alison.”

“I don’t blame God,” Ian cleared his throat. “Faith is the only light we have in dark times.”

“But it makes no sense.”

“No, it doesn’t. Yet here we are. Both you and I doing our small part to end evil.” Ian picked up the metal poker and played with the fire. The flames sputtered, coming back to life.

“This isn’t just a war between armies, Marie. With all my heart, I believe spiritual warfare is also raging. Blaming God for Alison’s death would be easy. Giving into bitterness and anger—that’s easy, too. But I won’t dishonor her memory by turning my back on the God who brought us together, who blessed our life together.”

“I’m not sure I’d like to be ‘blessed’ like that.” Marie slid the dice from the holder and moved her counters.

“Hopefully you won’t be.” Ian put the dice back in the holder and gave it a shake. “But if you were in love with someone, truly in love, I bet you’d take however much time you were given no matter how short.”

Suddenly she was back on the Hatfield sidewalk, twirling into Frost’s strong arms and being held captive by his ice blue eyes. She exhaled slowly. “Perhaps you’re right.”


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