When Memory Whispers #36

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When Memory Whisper v2Ian strolled toward Marie carrying a large bag. “Are you all right?”

“Fine.” She hugged herself as a gust swept through the thin fabric of her dress. How much she longed to return to her flat. To breathe the air Frost had breathed. To wrap his jacket around her again, warm in the knowledge that he had touched it, had inhaled the lingering notes of her perfume where it mingled with his own scent.

But she couldn’t. The mission took priority, and the mission required her to stay with Ian.

“I won’t ask who he is.” Ian glanced down the alley. “But if there’s something you should tell me . . .” He let the rest of the sentence drift away on the night air.

“What’s in the bag?”

“Supper. I asked the waiter to box it up.”

“Good idea.” She leaned toward his warmth as they walked the length of the alley. When they reached the street, she glanced the direction Frost had gone. He was nowhere to be seen.

When they arrived at Ian’s flat, he clicked on the radio and built up the fire while Marie prepared their plates. The heart-tugging jazz sounds of the Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band filled the room while they avoided talking about the mysterious man in the alley.

After dinner, Ian carried the dishes to the kitchen and returned with two mugs of steaming hot chocolate.

“Where did you get this?” Marie held the oversized mug with both hands, lowering her face to the sweet-smelling warmth.

“Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies,” Ian replied in a sing-song voice.

“I’ve got it,” she teased. “Being an Army captain is only a cover. You actually oversee the entire black market operation.”

“You’ve learned my secret.” He plopped on the floor, leaning against the front of his chair, and stretched his long legs toward the fire. “Nothing is as it seems.”

“We certainly aren’t.” She joined him on the floor, tucking her legs beneath her skirt.

“I suppose not.” He stared into the flames, seemingly entranced by their crackling bursts. “You’re not in any kind of trouble, are you?”

“Ian, please.”

“Nothing can interfere with this mission. Or anyone.” He sipped his hot chocolate. “Until Operation Overlord is over, we don’t have the luxury of privacy.”

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