When Memory Whispers #42

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When Memory Whisper v2The bombing ended long before dawn, but the cellar’s occupants waited till then to return to their own rooms. A few hours later Marie emerged from a restless sleep to find Ian sitting in front of the leaded window, a pile of papers and a notebook in front of him.

“Feel better?” he asked.

“Much. Didn’t you go back to sleep?”

“For an hour or so. Would you like some coffee? It’s not very strong, but it’s hot.”

“I’ll get it.” She poured the ersatz brew into a mug and settled in the chair across from him. “Have you heard any damage reports?”

“A lot of noise and bother. You’d be surprised how many of these bombs are duds.”

“I thought the Germans were masters at weaponry.”

“But they aren’t immune to sabotage.” He slammed his notebook shut. “They don’t seem to have a very motivated work force in some of their armaments factories. Which is what happens when you use slave labor.”

Marie sipped her coffee. “Colin told me that the German scientists are working on some type of super-weapon.”

“I’ve heard that, too. Hopefully this war will be over before they succeed. If all goes as planned.”

“Does anything ever go as planned?”

“Some things.” His eyes twinkled. “Finish your coffee and get dressed. We’ll go for a stroll.”

Marie and Ian ate lunch at a crowded restaurant then wandered the London streets. The Sunday afternoon sun shone beautifully as if knowing Londoners needed its light and warmth after the night’s attacks. Piles of rubble and debris from earlier blitzes marred the ancient city, but her people refused to let the ugly destruction trample their spirits.

Uniformed soldiers and pretty girls strolled along the sidewalks, stopping to peer into shop windows. Young families gathered in the city’s parks to watch their children feed the squawking ducks or pushed infants in prams along the broad paths.

It all seemed eerily normal, but how long would the illusion last before another bomb fell?

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