When Memory Whispers #47

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When Memory Whisper v2Chapter Fourteen

When Tuesday’s rehearsal ended, Marie changed into a simple black dress and heels. Ian waited for her outside the stage door then escorted her to his car.

“How about dinner at Anthony’s,” he said as soon as they were inside.

“Sounds delicious.” She settled into the seat and sighed contentedly. Now that she was with Ian, she could finally relax. And be herself instead of playing a role.

“How was your evening with Hector?”

“I casually mentioned the FUSAG document. You should have seen his face when I dropped Patton’s name.” She did an exaggerated imitation of Hector’s amazement.

“That was a stroke of genius on someone’s part. Fortunately, Patton agreed to the deception. Listing him as commander gives credibility to the entire formation.”

“A phantom force.”

“A few troops are assigned to it. But nowhere near as many as we want the Germans to think.” Ian braked at a traffic light. “He wasn’t at all suspicious?”

“Absolutely not.” Her eyes brightened as she became even more animated. “He sees this as a major stepping stone in his rise to power. He probably had the film developed as soon as the party ended. I think that’s the reason he let me go home.”

Let you go home?”

“At first, he wanted me to leave with him. But then he changed his mind.” She tapped Ian on the shoulder and gave him a coy look. “Hector gave me specific instructions to seduce you. He wants more information about Patton’s plans.”

Ian snorted. “Seduce away, but, as a gentleman, I must warn you. None of your feminine charms will work on me. I have nothing else to tell you.”

“I’m not sure Hector will believe that.”

“When will you see him again?”

“Whenever he calls.”

“Avoid him.”

“Easier said than done.” She fidgeted in the seat. “He gave me pearl earrings. To match the pearl necklace.”

“How considerate.” Ian parked the car in a spot not far from the restaurant and turned off the ignition.

“I thought so.”

“Anything else?”

“He knew I stayed at your flat.”

“Spied on us, eh? Well, we suspected as much.” Ian gave her a teasing sidelong glance. “Was he jealous?”

“More amused, I think. He’s rather odd that way.”

“Which works to our advantage. Meanwhile I’ll find chicken feed for you to give him.”

“You mean meaningless information.”

“Meaningless but plausible.” He shifted in his seat to face her. “The other double agents involved in this mission are sending messages to their handlers in Berlin, Paris. Even Lisbon. But you’re the only one with direct, face-to-face contact with the enemy. Whatever we give you to pass on to him is carefully vetted then vetted again.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“I am.” He squeezed her hand. “I’m not losing you to this war,” he said before quickly stepping out of the vehicle.

A warm rush settled in her heart as he walked around the car to open her door. Such a fine, dear man. He’d be so easy to love.

If not for Frost.


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    • Thanks, Bonnie. This is a special story for me because it’s the first novel I ever finished. This doesn’t count NaNoWriMo novels because they’re such lovely unedited messes, though this one began as a NaNoWriMo project. Looks nothing like that now!