When Memory Whispers #53

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When Memory Whisper v2Chapter Sixteen

Marie’s name prominently appeared in the London newspapers’ favorable reviews of the weekend performances. Flush with her success, she had even enjoyed her post-matinee outing with Colin. They attended a cast reception hosted by one of the theatre’s patrons, a wealthy dowager who, it turned out, moved in the same social circle as Lady Ellington. Colin behaved impeccably.

Since no performances or rehearsals were scheduled for Monday, Marie slept till almost eleven. She devoted the afternoon to a few household chores and shopping for groceries with her ration coupons before curling up in her overstuffed chair with her French textbook.

Her dream of assisting the Resistance may have dimmed in the past weeks, but she still hoped that the Twenty Committee would reconsider. Especially if this mission succeeded. She owed it to Momma to be prepared.

When the clock chimed the ten o’clock hour, Marie stirred from a pleasant drowsiness. She carried her teacup and saucer into the kitchen alcove and rinsed them in the sink. After drying her hands, she crossed off the June 5th square on the kitchen calendar.

In her bedroom, she changed into a long frilly nightgown and sat at her vanity to brush her curls. Ian’s sunny daffodils graced the table. Wherever he was, she hoped he was safe.

Reflected in the vanity mirror, her nightstand held a crystal bowl overflowing with the petals from Frost’s blue and white forget-me-nots.

An ominous shiver crept along her spine, and a sudden impulse drove her to her knees. Bowing her head over clasped hands, she prayed, hardly knowing the words she spoke, pleading for both the men she loved.


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