Writers Chat: Ins, Outs, and Secrets of Writers Conferences

With Bethany Jett, Jean Wise, and Me!

What to take, what to wear, how to impress, how to prepare!

Watch the replay here. (If the video doesn’t work–and sometimes it doesn’t–please switch to Google Chrome. Thanks!)

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2 thoughts on “Writers Chat: Ins, Outs, and Secrets of Writers Conferences

  1. I think this is a super idea. I liked actually seeing you talk. It made it seem more real. I was able to listen while I did other things on e-mail & pop back on a topic I wanted to get your takes on it. I shared & recommend especially to new writers. Thank you.

    • Janet, thanks so much for the feedback and the shares. I didn’t realize you were in the Blab. This was our second Writers Chat, and both have been so much fun. I feel so energized before, during, and after.

      I started to type a reply to you then had to stop and take photos of little Miss Sybbie who had decided my keyboard was a great place to curl up and nap. I posted a photo on Facebook. LOL